1,You can go everywhere, even the the road is difficult to travel

actiontrackchair01ActionTrackchair is the caterpillar type wheelchair!
You can go everywhere, for example, mountain path, camping area, forests, beaches, snowy road, muddy places, shallows of a river and so on.
You don’t have to give up going to the place where you thought you cannot.

2,Easy adjusted Variable Angle seat and 2 types of seat

actiontrackchair02You can adjust an angle of the seat easily because it has power seat as a standard device.
Therefore, you can sit in comfortable position.
There are 2 types of seat, Trackchair(sitting type) and Trackstander(standing type).
You can choose from these 2 types.

Line up

There are also other colors. You can choose favorite color.(If you would like to know about colors, please contact us)

Action Trackstander

Action Trackstander

Action Trackchair

Action Trackchair


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