kowan pressfitting machine

product_kowanIt is the press machine that reduce noises and vibrations during the construction. Featured technique for a disaster.

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product_stroopsIt’s the NEW training method and tools. you can do a full-scale training everywhere and at any time.

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product_snapsportsIt is the athletic surfaces which can be set up without any construction. We can use this in indoor and outdoor sports.

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product_argoThe World’s most versatile off-road vehicle! It is helpful in the time of disasters because it supports all terrain and it can run the road which other vehicle cannot.

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Action Trackchair

product_actiontrackchairThis wheelchair can run even unstable ground. It can run various condition of road, for instance, The mountain Path, muddy place, snowy gorund and so on.

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product_teambenchThe 6-seat folding bench. You can carry easily, so it is useful for outdoor groups and sports teams.

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